The Salmagundi Club,
on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan,
is America's oldest artists' association.

he Portrait Institute, in partnership with Portraits, Inc., presented a major exhibition of the work of John Howard Sanden in the Main Gallery of the Salmagundi Art Club in New York City, January 16 through February 3, 2017. The exhibition consisted of four parts: commissioned portraits, which were loaned for the occasion by institutions such as J. P. Morgan Chase, The Duke Endowment, Carnegie Hall, Columbia University, New York University, Weill Cornell Medical College, and others. Secondly, a group of paintings created on African themes, including state portraits of African kings*. The third portion consisted of a group of figure paintings. The final group consisted of teaching demonstration studies of paintings by John Singer Sargent.

Two Sunday afternoon programs were presented: on January 22, the artist presented highlights from his career in "Face to Face with Greatness." The following Sunday, the topic was "Portrait Painting Today, and Tomorrow"- with observations on current and future trends in the profession.

*This part of the exhibition was in honor of
His Excellency Chief Antonio Deinde Fernandez (1936-2016).

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