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he excitement, the romance, the significance of the great portrait artists of history and today - in "The World of Portrait Painting" lectures. These presentations are richly illustrated (note the number of illustrations in each program). Mr. Sanden will come to your organization or event to present one of these programs, which combine education and entertainment. Here is what some of the participants said:

"These are not just lectures... this is information-packed entertainment." —I. I., New York City

"Last night's lecture was wonderful. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I was mesmerized." —N. S., Westport

"I will never be able to thank you enough for last night. We have never had a program of that caliber or size. Everyone raving about the lecture. A thousand thanks." —K. M., Darien

The White House Portraits
The 235-year history of the White House collection
of presidential and first lady portraits.

161 images, 55 minutes

Which artist painted more Presidential portraits than any other? Why are there 43 Presidential portraits but only 29 First Lady portraits? Which White House portrait is the greatest artistic masterpiece? What artist painted 75 replicas of his Presidential portrait? Learn the answers to these and other questions in this information-filled presentation. The lecture will trace the 235-year history of the official White House portraits, looking most closely at the artistic triumphs which ornament the collection. Then Mr. Sanden will recall highlights of his own experience in creating the official portraits of President and Mrs. George W. Bush, concluding with scenes from the celebrity-filled unveiling at the White House.
Sargent / Sorolla: Studies in Greatness
The interaction between two great artists.
294 images, 90 minutes

For more than thirty years, the lives of these two great artists were linked. They shared a common philosophy of painting, and both had legions of admirers around the world. This lecture documents both great careers, and examines the influence each had on the other. John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), and Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923) - masters of the incisive, direct brushstroke, filled the world with their fame and the unforgettable images of their paintings - two inspiring lives of similarity and dramatic contrasts.
Painting the President and the First Lady
How the most important assignment in American portrait painting
required 65 weeks to complete.

441 images, 2 hours
Shorter version: 317 images, 90 minutes

In February of 2010, John Howard Sanden received a call from the Dallas office of former President George W. Bush. Sixty-five weeks later, the official White House portraits of the former President and First Lady were finished. This lecture recounts the story of that project, showing how the artist completed no fewer than eight complete portraits of the Presdent (though the first one was approved) and three of Mrs. Bush, before finding in each case exactly the setting, pose and mood that was desired. Artists will enjoy the descriptions of studio procedures, while laymen will enjoy following the complexities of this top-level portrait assignment.
The DeLászló Magic
The amazing story of the most successful
portrait artist who ever lived.

210 images, 75 minutes

Philip Alexius de László (1869-1937), Hungarian master, was the most sought-after portrait artist of all time. He painted more members of royalty - more kings, more queens, more titled aristocrats, more presidents and prime ministers - than any other artist in history. Philip de László arrived in London the year (1907) that John Singer Sargent announced his "retirement" from portrait painting. Sargent introduced the younger artist to London society and obtained many commissions for him. An interesting feature is the opportunity to compare the results when Sargent and de László painted the same subject.
The Ten Greatest Portraits Ever Painted
The ten most influential portraits of all time.
127 images, 50 minutes

What makes a portrait great Why do certain paintings tower over all the rest What are the qualities of a masterpiece This lecture presents the fascinating stories of the ten most influential portraits of all time. Each was created, as all portraits are, as an expression of love and regard for the subject. But somehow, through the magic confluence of genius and chance, these ten masterpieces are known, loved and admired throughout the world, and are worth a king's ransom.
Face to Face With Greatness
Why portrait painting can claim to be "the greatest profession."
123 images, 1 hour

This is an inspiring lecture in which Mr. Sanden recalls the many who influenced, encouraged and shaped his career in portraiture, which he deems "The Greatest Profession." He recalls The Greatness of Heroes - the giants of the profession on whose shoulders contemporary artists stand; The Greatness of Mentors - teachers who patiently explained the basics; The Greatness of Colleagues - tales of inspiring fellow artists, and The Greatness of Subjects - the fascinating men and women portrayed in his portraits - stories of great achievements and lives well lived.
The Adventure of Portrait Painting
Highlights of a forty-year career painting "the world's most interesting personalities."
348 images, 90 minutes

An American President and his First Lady, African kings, world-famous businessmen, cabinet secretaries, artists and evangelists - all have sat for the New York portrait artist John Howard Sanden during his forty-year career. The world's most interesting men and women, including many of the richest and most famous, have crossed the threshold of the artist's studio in Carnegie Hall, New York. But there is another story here, as well - how the possibilities of a career in portraiture became apparent to a young artist in the Midwest - the inspiring story of how an unsure young idealist risked everything on a new start in New York.
Daniel E. Greene: His Achievement in the Context of History
The work of this world-famous artist is placed in the context of American art history.
176 images, 1 hour

Daniel E. Greene is one of the world's foremost living artists. Over a long career, he has created a huge body of work, continually surprising by his creativity and originality. He is the foremost pastellist in the world today, and his work has elevated that medium at last onto an equal footing with other traditional media. Daniel Greene is one of America's foremost portrait artists. He is one of the greatest of American teachers of art, his students numbering in the tens of thousands. This lecture showcases many examples of the artist's astonishing output, and attempts to place him in the historical context of American realist painting.
The Ten Most Common Mistakes in Portrait Painting
How to identify the most common mistakes in painting - and how to avoid them.
222 images, 1 hour

This lecture provides the viewer with a systematic framework for analyzing a work of art in a way that reveals fundamental flaws. Examples of the flaws are shown in paintings chosen from the collections of the great museums of the world. There is much practical advice for the working portrait artist in this unique and very entertaining presentation.
Great Teachers in American Art History
Six great teachers who influenced generations of artists.
118 images, 55 minutes

These six men were giants in the history of American art. The six most influential teachers in terms of influence - each produced armies of disciples. William Merritt Chase, Robert Henri, George Bridgman, Frank Vincent DuMond, Robert Brackman, and Frank Reilly - each were important artists with a noteworthy career; each loved to teach and their enthusiasm was infectious and far-reaching. In this lecture, you will meet each of the six giants, enjoy examples of their great work, meet some of their disciples, and learn the timeless principles they taught.
The Ten Greatest Masterpieces of American Illustration Art
The ten most influential examples of American illustration.
271 images, 1 hour

Some of the greatest work produced by American artists has been in the field of illustration. Several illustrators (such as Charles Dana Gibson) have exerted a profound influence on the national style and culture. Two American illustrators, Maxfield Parrish and Norman Rockwell, are among the most beloved artists in all of history. This lecture nominates the ten works by American illustrators that exerted the most far-reaching emotional appeal to the public as a whole, and remain, even today, as imperishable mementoes of our national past.
Mysterious Masterpiece
The surprising and baffling story of a world-famous Christian masterpiece, and the famous lives it touched.
238 images, 90 minutes

A wealthy New York businessman purchases an artist's replica of a world-famous religious painting. Years later, the businessman's granddaughter presents the painting to a Connecticut church. Along the way, from Dresden, Germany to Darien, Connecticut, the painting attracts the attention of Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller Senior and Junior, J. P. Morgan, Henry Morrison Flagler, as well as an army of scholars, preachers and experts. An astonishing story you will not soon forget. The presentation includes a complete Life of Christ in the drawings of the great German artist Heinrich Hofmann (1824-1911).
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